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MOT Due Soon? 10 Ways to Ensure a Pass

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

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It's that time of year again. Pick up the phone, search around and try and find the best price. Once you've booked your MOT, you'll want to make sure that it was time well spent. You need your car to pass. We want to help you. So here are 10 top tips to ensure that your vehicle has the best chance of success. Our checklist will take all of 5 minutes and will make sure you don't get caught out on something minor.

1) A Clear Approach | Check Your Windscreen

What's a chip here and there?

Well… More than you'd think. The windscreen gives you a view of the road ahead. It also protects you from objects, which can be travelling at speed (especially on motorways).

The structural integrity of your windscreen is vital. Here's what to look out for: -

  • Any chips or cracks larger than 40mm
  • Chips in the wiper arcs greater than 10mm

2) Wipers?

In light of the above, your wipers must do the job properly. Here's what to check:-

  • Look for splits or cracks in the blades
  • Make sure they do actually clean the windows
  • Make sure there is water in the washer bottle (don't rely on all garages being 'good guys' and doing this for you)

3) The Wheel Deal? 

The condition of your tyres is super important. They are all that keeps you in contact with the road and are one of the most common 'fail items'. 

Here is the mandatory requirement:-

Suppose you do find that they are below standard. In that case, you should be able to find a really affordable type perfectly suited for your vehicle on the Motokiki website.

4) Safe and Secure | Seatbelts

Being able to adjust your seat and be safe and secure with your seatbelt is crucial. Here's what we check: -

  • Can the seat move forward and back easily?
  • Is the seatbelt free of tears and nicks? Does it retract and lock successfully when tugged?


5) Let's Bounce | Suspension

Suspension is essentially in ensuring control of your car. Any list or lean will result in a dangerous situation and wear, leading to loss of control. Suspension leaf springs and bearings are under immense tension and can be dangerous if they 'go'.

Here's how to check your suspension…

  • Place weight on the front and rear corners of your car. Does it return to its original position?

6) How's your Eyesight? | Numberplates

Easy to read number plates are a legal requirement. Ensure that yours are easy to read and are illuminated too. (the light is one area we always forget to check and is the cause of many failures).

7) Beep Beep

Can you guess what we are talking about?

While you might have been accused in the past of 'trying to wear the horn out', now you've got a good excuse.

Give the horn a little beep!

Bonus tip: - probably best not to do this check in the early hours of the morning.

8) Shed some Light | Check your Beams

For your car to pass its MOT, all lights must be working consistently. This includes indicators, headlights and hazard lights. Don't just rely on the 'tick' as this will work even with a bulb out. Get out and check!

9) Fuel 

Fuel spillages can present a fire hazard, so your fuel cap needs to be tight and secure. Also, as a part of the MOT, the tester will check your emissions. One thing they aren't going to do is take it 'down to BP' for a little top-up. Ensure there is gas in the tank! 

10) Brakes

Ever been on the road and seen someone press the brakes… only for the reverse lights to come on? 

Yup, that's a fail…

The brake lights must work for your car to pass its MOT. Get someone to check that they illuminate when you press the peddle. If you lack a mate to help you out, park up in a dim place with the car's rear close to a wall. Pres the peddle and look for the reflection.



An MOT is a mandatory safety check that covers most basics. Still, you'd be surprised how many people fail on something relatively trivial. The key is to avoid being one of them. Following our 10 tips to pass your MOT should ensure you've got the best chance of success. For more motoring advice and to ensure your car is in tip-top condition, check out our other articles. 


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