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Car Warranty and What to Look Out For

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

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While we all want to look after our vehicle, it can often be easier said than done. The truth is that cars tend to break down, often at the worst possible time. However, there is a solution. It is possible to extend your car warranty to be covered against expensive repair bills. We wanted to find out more so spoke to the experts at MotorEasy and here’s what they had to say.

Why Do I Need a Car Warranty?

Car warranties remove the uncertainty. Essentially, a car warranty covers you for repairs to your vehicle in a predictable and often significantly cheaper way.

In short, when a car breaks down, the costs can be astronomical. Not only will you need to pay for parts, but you’ll also have to cover the cost of labour and diagnosis… If it isn’t an easy fix, this could cost you a lot of time and money.

Considering that the average cost of repairs to a vehicle is around £438 (or even higher), it is easy to see how taking out a warranty on your vehicle is very cost-effective.

What Should Warranty Cover?

Understanding what is covered by your warranty is vital if you want peace of mind. 

People are often surprised to learn that certain things aren’t covered. This tends to be parts that are subject to significant wear from day-to-day use, such as: -

What is covered is dictated by the age of your vehicle, the amount of mileage you intend to cover and the level of cover you choose to take out.

Some car warranties will allow you to create a custom list of the areas you’d like to cover. The best car warranties will take into account factors such as vehicle age and mileage and give you a suitable list without individually selecting each part that you want to be covered.

What To Look for in Extended Car Warranty

If you are trying to choose the best warranty cover for your car, you need to know what to look for. Ideally, you will want: -

New and Used Cover

There is a misconception that warranty coverage is only provided to new vehicles. 

This simply isn’t true. 

Companies such as MotorEasy provide a range of warranty options on all vehicles, both new and used. You can even have the option to take out instant cover on a vehicle that you already own!

Extensive Cover for Parts

Many warranty policies have reams of small print, with exclusions of what is and more likely what isn’t covered). This is particularly true when it comes to the following: -

  • Very expensive parts, such as engines and gearboxes
  • Parts that are often subject to wear and tear

The best providers will cover both of the above. Otherwise, it makes little sense to pay for a warranty and pay for parts too!

Low Excess

Some warranty companies look like a good deal, but then you find out how much you will have to pay as an excess in the event of a breakdown.

This excess can often equal (or even exceed) the cost of the repairs. Essentially this means that you are paying twice. 

MotorEasy offers relatively low excess costs. Or, if you prefer, you can make a voluntary payment to significantly reduce the cost of your policy.

MOT and Servicing Cover

Many warranty providers wriggle out of significant repair bills by adding disclaimers stating parts failing on an MOT or service aren’t covered. 

Many only ever take their car to the garage for these yearly checks, and it is often when a fault is first identified. They may not have even been aware of a problem, and now they face an expensive bill.

MotorEasy can provide cover for failures identified during both MOT’s and servicing checks. 


Stress-Free Repairs

Listen, we get it.

When your car breaks down, it can be a very stressful time.

The best car warranty providers should make life easy, not more difficult. Ideally, you want to look for a provider to arrange the repairs and sort out everything from start to finish. Here are some ways that MotorEasy can help:-

  • Wear and tear covered as standard
  • Online 24/7 repair tracking insights
  • Dedicated engineer to assist with your case
  • Price comparison of parts and labour to get you the best possible deal
  • A network of 10,000 garages nationwide available to use (trade discounts are passed onto you)


A Flexible Warranty

There’s one thing we all love more than our current car.

A new car!

It makes little sense to pay for a warranty for three years when you only keep the vehicle for two.

MotorEasy provides the ability to pay monthly for your car warranty giving you ultimate flexibility.


What is Car Warranty? Final Thoughts…

Car warranties, provided you pick a good provider, like MotorEasy, represents motoring peace of mind. Should the worst happen and your vehicle needs repairs, you are covered from start to finish. This will save you both time and money. When compared to the alternative, what are you waiting for? Check our the MotorEasy website and see what their warranties can offer to you.

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