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Top 10 Signs You Might Need a Replacement Car

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

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Top 10 Signs You Might Need a Replacement Car


Just like some drivers, cars can eventually start showing a few signs of wear and tear. The cost of maintenance can start to get excessive. But how much is too much? In this article, we will look at why it might be worth investing in a newer car. Let's dive right in…


Constant Breakdowns

This one is probably the most obvious on our list. If your car keeps breaking down, then you aren't going anywhere.

If you need a reliable motor to get to work, this could be super important. The occasional 'car won't start' might be a good excuse, but it won't wash if it keeps happening. 

Depending on the model and age of the vehicle, you might find that the parts needed to make it run are pretty pricey.

Why not spend that money on a deposit for something shiny?

Filling Up?

Ever had the feeling that you are at the petrol station constantly? This could be a sign of trouble. As engines age, they become less efficient. As a result, they can start burning more fuel. 

Yes, we know it gave you 40 to the gallon… But that was in 1990!

Components such as fuel pumps aren't quick or cheap to fit either. Again, you might be better spending that money elsewhere.

Insurance Costs?

Insurers are pretty smart when assessing risk, and they know how to play the odds. As vehicles age, they are more likely to suffer technical faults. Most insurers will start to take a vehicle's age into account when calculating your premium.

And here's the bad news…

With ageing vehicles, it rarely gets any cheaper. 

High Mileage

Ever notice that when you are looking to buy a used car, the price drops significantly with high miles

There's a reason for that. 

If a car goes further, its parts have been subject to greater wear. This increases the chances of something going wrong sooner rather than later. You might be lucky and find that the parts last a while…

Or you might be stood on the hard shoulder cursing the fact that your pride and joy has done enough miles to reach the moon (and possibly back!) 

Engine Management Lights

A constant light on your dashboard is never a good sign. It could be something that is an easy fix, such as your tyres needing a little air.


It could be something much more serious. Things such as the Engine Control Unit (ECU) light normally mean a terminal problem. 

If you've got a dash that is lit up like a Christmas tree, it is probably time to consider something more reliable. 


With various government taxes, fees and mandates are introduced in different areas of the country, you'll start to find that older vehicles are costly in more ways than one.

High emissions are not in fashion anymore, and cars that are considered 'polluters' can be subject to significant penalties. Besides which, it's tested on your MOT… Yup, that's another thing that it might fail on.

Greater Safety

One of the best incentives to buy a new vehicle is your own safety.

As each year passes, newer cars are improved and enhanced with various safety features, such as: -

  • More effective crumple zones
  • Better brakes
  • Airbags
  • Collision avoidance technology

Ok, all these things might seem expensive at first glance… But how much is your life worth. An old school MK I mini cooper might look the part, but it offers very little in the way of protection.

Longer Commutes?

Perhaps your circumstances have changed? What used to be a 10 minute' pop to the office' has become a 1-hour commute.

Changing gears constantly on motorway gets a bit tiring day in, day out.

The answer?

Something more comfortable, easier to drive and efficient might just be the order of the day. If you are spending two hours a day in your car, that's ten hours per week! Go on, treat yourself!

Old and Tired?

No, not you…

The car!

Listen, we get it. Nobody wants to be seen turning up anywhere in an 'old banger'. Even if the car was bought new and was the 'bee's knees back in the day, styles and designs change… If you look at the first edition of a BMW 3 series, you'll see what we mean. That used to be cutting edge… Now it just looks old


Fancy an Upgrade?

Ok, we can try and justify it any which way.

But here's the truth…

It's a really nice feeling when you buy yourself something nice. And, let's face it, a new car will probably get a lot of use.

You might be a bit bored, or just fancy a change? Either reason is good enough to warrant buying a new car. Combined with all of the above, it makes perfect sense!


In Summary

There are our 10 reasons why you might want to consider buying a new car. Between saving money, having something more reliable, and, perhaps, enjoying something that looks nicer and more comfortable, there are plenty of pros. If you aren't quite ready to switch, you can keep your vehicle roadworthy. Such as investing in a new set of tyres. Motokiki offers a vast range of tyres for most models. 


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