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New Years Resolutions for Your Motor

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

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We all hope that each coming year will be better than the last. However, motoring woes aren't something that we normally wish for. The answer? Start the new year as you mean to go on, and try and form some good 'habits' that will keep your car ticking over nicely for many years to come. Here are our 9 new year's resolutions for your car.

While some New Year’s resolution are destined to fail, here are some in which you can succeed.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Tidy car, tidy mind. While many of us start the new year with a spring clean, it really pays to give your car a little TLC, and that means inside as well as out. We'd suggest starting out with one big clean, and then that way, it will be a simple case of keeping on top of it.

Here are some areas to focus on that always get missed and can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your car: -

  • Under the seats
  • The area around the gearstick
  • The glove box
  • The side pockets
  • The windows (yes, even those hard to reach areas in the corners).

Want a top tip for cleaning car windows? A scrunched up newspaper (we prefer the Daily Mail) works really well for shifting stubborn grime. The acid in ink eats away at grease!


Want some more tips to keep your motor spick and span? Check this out!

Keep Well Oiled

Just like at any good New Year's Eve party! You will need to keep your car well oiled! Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. It keeps parts from corroding and ensures free movement. 

Old oil can start to accumulate small particles that will eventually cause wear, so change your oil if you need to and keep an eye on it. A quick check once a month should be sufficient.

Ensure Your Servicing is Up to Date

While it might seem a little bit of a chore, servicing your car is of vital importance. Not only will it ensure that all parts are working perfectly, but the good news is that it will also help your car hold its value.


Ok, so Christmas is over, and it is back to the daily grind. Everyone can get a little tense on the roads. Why not form some good habits and make yourself a new year's resolution to be more patient?

Aside from upsetting other road users around you, road rage is a form of stress, which is bad for your health. 

Set yourself a goal to be a more relaxed driver. Set off a few minutes earlier than you normally would. As an added benefit, you can tell everyone being punctual is your new resolution for the coming year.

Go Green!

With Britain set to move entirely to electric cars by 20XX, perhaps it's time to join the green revolution?

There are some pretty nice electric cars out there. Or, if you aren't ready to make the switch, why not go to a halfway house in a hybrid?

Electric vehicles are packed with technology. Did you know electric vehicles actually need tyres that are slightly different from usual? You can read all about electric vehicle tyres here.

New You, New Car

Why waste money on the New Years gym membership when you could use it as a deposit for a new car instead?

It's been hard work these last few years, so you may decide that you want to treat yourself to a new motor? Think about it. Could it be ready for the new registration plate in March if you order it in January?

Here’s some more reasons why you might want to consider a switch.

Check your Tyres More Often

Out of every component on the car, perhaps the ones that receive the most wear and tear are your tyres. 

Make a resolution that you will check and inspect them once a month at least. It's never more important to do so than winter. The grip on those icy roads is vital!

Here are things that you need to check with your tyres: -

  • General Condition – Check your tyres overall. Are they uniform in shape and free of cracks, cuts, chips, lumps and bumps?
  • Tread – It's a legal requirement that your tyres have at least 1.6 millimetres of tread. And it's recommended that you consider replacing them when they get below 3mm.
  • Wear – While checking the tread, pay attention to where the tyres are worn. If the wear isn't uniform, it could be an indicator of bigger problems, such as with your tracking or suspension
  • Inflation – Driving with underinflated tyres could be dangerous. Not only does it increase stopping distance, but it also increases wear on the shoulders of the tyre.

While cleaning the car might be tedious, and being more patient on the road (especially after Christmas) is a big ask, one easy area to sort are your tyres.

Motokiki offers a range of tyres that will be perfect for your vehicle. Why not visit our website, pop your registration in and let us do the hard work? That's one new year's resolution that you can definitely stick to… And they tend to be cheaper than most gym memberships! 


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