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Roadside Repair Kits May Cause More Harm Than Worth

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

calendar 25-03-2022 tag MAINTENANCE clock 5 min read

While getting a flat tyre from a puncture isn’t the most uncommon thing that could happen on the road, many are now taking to using roadside repair kits for a quick fix.

Although older cars tend to have a spare wheel under their boot, newer ones have lost that luxury, with many manufacturers opting to add puncture repair kits in their place to increase the vehicles efficiency.

Did you know, a third of all new models don’t come with any sort of spare, and those that do have a space-saver instead of an actual replacement tyre.

Roadside repair kits have come under fire by drivers who say that although they claim they should be able to get you to the nearest garage, they can actually cause damage to other parts and result in you paying for a hefty bill.

The sealant supplied is normally in liquid or foam form, but it can damage tyres beyond repair if it’s not compatible with your car.

Not only may you end up needing to replace the tyre, many new cars also are fitted with tyre pressure sensors directly next to the valve which can be damaged in the process. When the sealant is inserted, there is a chance that it migrates to the sensor, which leaves an impossible task to remove it. If this should happen, you might need to replace the whole sensor, and your punctured tyre!

The sealant works by inserting viscous liquid ethanediol into the valve using a pressurised canister. It then is transferred around the tyre to block the air from escaping via the puncture.

If you’re thinking about buying one as a back up for your car, it might be worth noting that if the rip is severe, the repair kit won’t be enough to get you on with your journey.

We would recommend you ensure you have a good breakdown service available, such as MotorEasy, in case the unexpected does happen.

If you did end up getting a puncture, MotorEasy tyre insurance would act as a backup so your tyres will be replaced and you don’t have to spend more money on a new tyre!

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