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How and Why to Recycle Your Tyres Correctly

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By Saoirse McClure Fisher

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In today’s world, there has never been more emphasis on recycling. Whilst you may not see it, waste tyres can be a real problem. Aside from the risk, they present if they happen to catch fire, a vast amount of energy goes into rubber tyres production. The good news is that rubber recycling is a great and environmentally solution, with many companies offering collection! Today we will look at Tyre recycling, what it is, and how you can dispose of used tyres responsibly.

Tyre Recycling and Waste Tyres

Tyre recycling is taking used tyres and breaking them down to make a rubber that can be used in new products. Due to the volume of tyres produced globally, tyres are extremely problematic to the environment once they reach the end of their life. They cannot be compressed into a smaller area, and they are particularly dangerous if ignited, as they are very flammable and produce toxic fumes.

Rubber recycling reduces the number of tyres that end up in landfill. After all, with 38.8 million cars on the roads in 2020 as a recent study found, and four tyres per car, this soon adds up!

How are Tyres Recycled? | Rubber Recycling!

There is a process when tyres are recycled. Let’s have a quick rundown of what happens to waste tyres:

Tyre collection

Actually, getting the tyres to somewhere they can be recycled is the first part of the process. There are actually businesses that will arrange a tyre collection service. This can be from a private company, or it might pay to check with your local garage.


The used tyres are shredded into smaller easy to transport pieces or pellets


Used car tyres don’t just contain rubber. There are other metals such as steel, fibres and compounds within the tyre (not to mention bits of asphalt). These are separated out, and the rubber is checked several times to make sure no undesired materials or steel remains.


The recycled rubber is cleaned using water and other agents until all that is left is rubber crumbs.

Packaging and Transport

Once the rubber crumbs have left the rubber recycling plant, they are shipped to various manufacturers globally for use in new products. This might be new tyres or something as outlandish as rubber soles for running shoes!

How Can You Dispose of Old Tyres?

Well, tyre recycling is easy to do. Here are some ways to dispose of old tyres:

Tyre Collection

Many tyre fitting services and suppliers offer a free tyre collection service. They will collect your old tyres and take them for rubber recycling. Some even offer money for your used tyres.

Wait, are scrap tyres worth money?

Absolutely. So, it literally pays to look into tyre recycling.

When You Have New Tyres Fitted

If you have taken your vehicle for new tyres, often, the garage will offer to dispose of your waste tyres responsibly. If in doubt, check to see if your chosen garage subscribes to a scheme for recycling waste tyres.

Recycling Centres

Most tips and waste centres have a dedicated area for waste tyres. If you have room in your vehicle, why not be environmentally responsible.

Tyres | How to Be Environmentally Friendly

Aside from recycling old tyres, the best way to prevent further environmental harm is to reduce the number of times you need to change your tyres.

How do I avoid changing my tyres more often?

One way is by choosing a good quality tyre with excellent durability. By reducing the amount of wear placed on new car tyres and choosing products that are hard wearing and less likely to become damaged, you can ensure that you won’t need to replace them as often.

That is a saving for you and a saving for the environment! Win-win?


Gone are the days of piles of used waste tyres sitting in mountains. That rubber can be used for other things. Tyre recycling has never been easier, with most tyre providers offering collection as a part of the service. Failing that, you can check with your local waste recycling centre to see if they have information about any schemes in place. While it might be time to invest in a new set of tyres, you can ensure that you are doing your part for sustainability in the bargain.

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