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For many tyre buyers there is a lot of uncertainty when choosing what tyres and where to buy them. We want to “de-mystify” that process and provide the consumer with all the tyre information they need in one place.

Motokiki will always champion tyre safety ensuring consumers are more aware of the importance in checking their tyres. We also ensure they are fully informed of the dangers of “Part-Worn” tyres and Motokiki is proud to support Tyresafe.

We will provide the consumer with a selection and all the relevant information about the tyres that will fit their car to help them make a suitable choice.

Once they’ve decided on the tyre, we’ll let them know which retailers there are in their local area. We'll provide as much information as we can about the retailers and their offers ensuring the consumer chooses the right retailer for their needs.

We’ve made sure our website is easy to use anywhere, on any device, by anyone!

Sound good to you?

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