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Got a question? Motokiki can help. Our most commonly asked questions are shown below.

How does Motokiki work?

Motokiki provide consumers with tyre information and details of local fitters in their area, driving them directly to you to purchase their tyres without the need for you to heavily invest in costly technology and marketing.

What do I need to sell tyres on the Motokiki website?

It’s simple, you’ll need an account with our preferred distributor, Stapleton's, and provide us with information on the services you provide.

Can I advertise my own tyre stock on Motokiki?

Yes, but only those that are supplied from Stapleton’s via Profitlink.

How much money can I make on a tyre?

That’s up to you, however, you’ll need to be competitive! We’ll work with you to improve your performance and understand your local market.

How does a customer pay for their tyres?

They can either pay in store at point of fitting or online at point of order using the secure payment portal. Payment is released to you by the portal 7 days later less the Motokiki and Stripe fees.

How much does it cost to sell tyres on Motokiki?

Motokiki charge a fee for every completed sale that you make. No sale, no fee!

Is there a monthly fee?

No monthly or annual fees, you only pay when you sell a tyre!

Is there a minimum contract?

In the unlikely event you might wish to leave Motokiki, we ask for 28 days’ notice.

How am I billed by Motokiki?

We’ll send you a monthly statement with a consolidated list of tyres sold and an invoice for our fees. Where a tyre is sold via Pay Online we will deduct our fee from the sale price of the tyres when funds are released by the payment portal 7 days after sale. 

How many tyre customers will you send me?

Customer numbers will vary depending on a number of factors including your location, tyre price, services offered and reviews. Customers will choose who they consider to be the most suitable retailer. 

How am I billed by the tyre distributor?

You will receive an invoice from the tyre distributor at the point of delivery as per their usual delivery process in line with the terms of your agreement.

Is there a set up charge?

Motokiki do not charge to set you up on the website.

What happens if I need to change the customers appointment time?

The customer must be contacted as soon as possible and an alternative convenient date for the customer arranged.

What happens if the customer orders the wrong tyres for their car?

Mistakes sometimes happen that may or may not be the customers' fault. If the tyres supplied are not suitable for the car, we ask that you handle the customers' requirements, charge or refund them for any difference in price for replacement tyres or refund them if necessary.

What happens if the customer doesn’t turn up for their tyres?

The customer should be contacted and an alternative date and time for fitting arranged.

What happens if the consumer needs more tyres than they ordered?

Customer safety and service are paramount, please arrange the additional tyres for the customer from your stock or your usual delivery supply. Motokiki do not expect them to re-order though our site.

I’ve just installed free Wi-Fi in the waiting area, how do I update my site information?

That’s great, for all new service improvements to your premises please update your details in the Motokiki portal.

Can customers pay when they have the tyres fitted?

Yes, if you have agreed to Pay-in-Store to take payment then customers can pay you at point of fitting or via whatever payment arrangements you may provide.

Can I offer mobile fitting?

We’ll soon be adding mobile fitting to the Motokiki site. Once available you will be able to add details about your mobile service.

What happens if the price of the tyre on Motokiki is wrong?

The price displayed by Motokiki is set by you, so please check your pricing information.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you need to set up a Stapleton's account then click here, otherwise contact us at and one of our team will get in touch.

What if the distributor delivers the wrong tyre or the consumer selected the wrong tyre and I need to refund or charge more?

Mistakes sometimes happen that may or may not be the customers fault. If the tyres supplied are not suitable for the car, we ask that you handle the customers’ requirements or refund the order.

Do I need a website to enable the sign up?

You don’t need to have any website to sell tyres via Motokiki, we do all the work for you!

When do I receive the money from consumer?

If the customer has selected Pay-in-Store, then you’ll receive payment at point of fitting. If they have selected Pay Online, then you’ll receive the sale price of the tyre less the Motokiki fee from the payment portal 7 days after sale.

How much time do I get from the consumer placing an order, to the consumer visiting the centre for fitting? Lead times.

If a consumer places an order today where a tyre is available for next day delivery and the fitting centre is open the earliest fitment will be the following afternoon.

What happens if the delivery is late? And I need to change the booking?

You need to contact the customer and let them know what is happening making alternative arrangements at their convenience.

What are my booking slot options? AM/PM, hourly etc..

Using the diary, you can set how many tyres you are able to fit and when for Motokiki

How do I manage my fitting times generally and at weekends and bank holidays?

Using the diary, you can set how many tyres you are able to fit and when for Motokiki.

How secure is my customer’s data?

We ensure that all data handling meets GDPR regulations.

How long will it take to sign up so I can get orders?

Once in receipt of all the required information we aim to have you online within 5 working days.

Can I be on Motokiki and be a Black Circles Premier fitter?

Motokiki are happy for you to be our partner and fit tyres for Blackcircles and other online retailers.

How do Motokiki differ to Black Circles / other online retailers?

Rather than being paid a fitting fee we let you determine how much you want to sell the tyre for. This allows you to determine how much profit you'd like to make. Just like you do in your workshop!

Do I have or can I have exclusivity in a coverage area?

There may be other tyre retailers in your area on the Motokiki website. We’ll work with you to make sure your business is attractive. Ultimately it's the consumers decision on where there would like to have their tyres fitted.

Can I charge more on Motokiki than my own site? I want to cover the cost of your fees

You determine the price you display on Motokiki, however you need to be competitive if you want the sale. Setting different prices to your website might confuse customers. Don’t forget, our fee is for the extensive marketing we carry out to provide you with incremental customers and you only pay when you sell a tyre!

Will I have access to my customer data?

We will share customer data with you that is necessary for the completion of the transaction and fitting of the tyres. 

Can I select what brands of tyres I want to display on Motokiki?

Yes, you can choose tyres from the STS catalogue offered to you via STS Profitlink.

Can I access my sales reports through the Motokiki site?

You'll be able to access this information as part of a future development of our retailer portal.