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Who are we?

Motokiki is the new impartial tyre comparison site in the UK. We quickly search hundreds of tyres from garages near you. Motokiki champions safety and shares tyre information to better educate drivers.

Motokiki is part of the Intelligent Motoring Group of Companies putting customer service and relationships with the best service providers at the heart of our business.

Our vision is to help everyone find the right tyres at the best price from the right Retailer. We simplify the process to make it easier to choose the correct tyres from the right retailer. We aim to be the go-to site for tyre buyers as we expand our offering.

With shifting consumer behaviour and an expectation that the information they require will be on-line and transparent, more consumers will search online before making many purchases. We'll help tyre retailers capitalise on this growth of e-commerce in the retail tyre market.

We'll provide tyre retailers with access to a large new pool of customers, delivered as a result of our national advertising campaigns and other creative marketing activities.

Building partnerships with well-known and trusted providers, providing a comprehensive selection of tyres and fitting options available to drivers we will continually improve the customer purchase process, removing confusion and pain points. We also aim to set a new industry standard for data accuracy and availability.

As we grow, we’ll work with you to help you understand your local market and consumer needs, driving your online sales growth.

Sound good to you?

If so, then start selling more tyres now and partner with Motokiki