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It’s no secret that performance often comes at a cost, whether in terms of budget or durability. Fortunately, Accelera Tyres offer an excellent mix of high performance along with durability at an affordable price. 

Accelera specializes in performance and safety in equal measure. They are a go-to choice for owners of cars for whom aesthetics are everything. Their website quotes custom created solutions from everything from Mazda all the way through to Maserati. 

With cars such as the above you’d expect wear and tyre lifespan to be a limiting factor, however Accelera promise to give a premium handling experience and excellent tyre life. They are so confident that they guarantee their product, ensuring an exceptional level of quality. 

The tyres are unique in the way in which they are produced. Accelera incorporates silica into their compounds, giving excellent grip even in wet conditions. A low rolling road resistance ensures economical fuel efficiency. The tyres also offer a comfortable ride, the specially designed interior wall is strong and flexible, absorbing shocks from the road.

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