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Dunlop is a company at the pinnacle of its industry. Since 1888 Dunlop have been making high-performance tyres. A world record-breaking 34 wins at Le Mans should tell you something about their commitment to performance and endurance. 

Dunlop does not stand still when it comes to innovation. They are constantly refining and adjusting their tyre development to maintain premium performance. Within their impressive range of tyres, you’ll find features such as Noise Shield Technology, specific bead seat systems to increase reliability, run-flat tyres, and hybrid overlay technology… All custom designed to ensure unwavering grip, safety and precision.

One notable feature is Dunlop’s very own Silica-Plus compound. A custom-created tyre composition originally used in motorsports to give maximum road adherence.

For tyres that are uncompromising with high grip and low wear Dunlop is an amazing choice. Their tyres are available for a range of vehicles, both cars and SUV. So regardless of whether you are looking for maximum acceleration, solid braking or an all-round blend of the two, Dunlop will have you covered.

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