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Excelon Tyres form part of the Dunlop family, and as a result, you can expect excellent build quality and durability as standard. The only difference between these ‘big players’ and Excelon is the price, they represent a great opportunity if you are looking to be budget-friendly.

Within each Excelon tyre, you will find reliability and quality. The tyres feature a uniquely designed shoulder, created to reduce road wear. The custom-designed tread offers excellent traction in all conditions. When it comes to wet weather Excelon design their tyres to efficiently drain water on the move, giving excellent grip.

Excelon tyres are particularly well suited to offroad vehicles. The Excelon EX-4 range features a lateral tread pattern that will provide high friction traction on various surfaces in all conditions. 

Their touring range offers a balanced and smooth ride, along with excellent rolling road resistance and fuel efficiency.

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