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For a great all-round tyre manufacturer, Kleber offers the best possible choice. They have over a century in the tyre business, aptly demonstrated in their huge selection of summer, winter, and season tyres.

When it comes to performance Kleber excels. Their tyres have been awarded the highest possible score regarding stopping power in wet conditions. Their tyres are uniquely grooved to prevent aquaplaning. 

This performance is further demonstrated in the braking action provided by these tyres. On average users can expect to stop up to 3.5 metres sooner on dry surfaces. This performance is similar in wet conditions. Kleber tyres promise great acceleration and responsiveness as part of the package.

Their tyres are smart and efficient. They provide a well-balanced driving experience on both wet and dry roads. For cruising, the tyres feature autoblocking technology which limits fuel consumption and increases efficiency.

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