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Nankang is a leading worldwide tyre brand. Their focus is on producing high-performance tyres at a low price point. Nankang has manufactured tyres for over 60 years, dedicating their work to increased motor safety. Their motto is “integrity, pragmatism and innovation” and you can see this reflected in their product. 

Nankang excels in producing tyres offering a high degree of precision. Both in manufacture and performance. Road handling and responsiveness are qualities that are found easily across the entire range.

For an all-around tyre, Nankang produces several, all of which offer maximum grip in wet and dry conditions. They are committed to keeping you safe, and each new tyre is tested using 3D simulation software.

In wet weather, Nankang tyres really shine. They engineer their tread to disperse water quickly and efficiently with wide grooves and grip is increased by lateral tread located on the tyres’ shoulders. This also helps in reducing road noise.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a hard-working tyre for your daily commute, or something a little more specialized for a track day, Nankang will be able to provide you with some great options. 

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