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When it comes to knowing a thing or two about car manufacture, Korea is a good place to start. Nexen has been making tyres for a mass-market since 1956. 

The Nexen Tyre Corporation was born in 2000, and the company name literally means ‘next-century’. Reflecting the company’s will to push for better quality and performance.

Nexen exports high-quality tyres to over 120 different countries. Their recent innovations include V-shaped directional tyres, patented nanotechnology and their unique ‘green hive’ concept tyre, the winner of several industry awards.

Nexen Tyres are constructed for performance. As a result of their expertise, all of their tyres offer a great level of adaptability and excel in various conditions. All products within the Nexen tyre range offer superb performance in all weathers. Innovations such as multidirectional tread and specially designed compounds ensure a strong grip on the road.

Taking a look at the range, you’ll find great dry performance ratings, superb wet performance, and a comfortable and quiet drive. Depending on the tyre you choose, you can even expect to benefit from reduced fuel consumption. 

 Nexen offers quality products and great value tyres. They are safe, eco-friendly and above all ensure a smooth and highly comfortable ride. 

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