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When Radar proudly states “made for all” it should give you an idea of their appeal. Radar specializes in producing high performing tyres that perform far above their price. One standout appeal to Radar is that they were declared the worlds first carbon-free tyre brand. With ever-growing environmental concerns, this can only be a good thing, when you twin it with the excellent fuel-saving capability present in their tyre range, this effect is only further magnified.

The environment aside Radar excels in other areas too. They pride themselves on high consumer safety and a driving experience which should give you utter confidence. From dedicated winter tyres to summer tyres and everything in between, Radar offers precise handling, an excellent degree of safety and a quiet and comfortable ride. 

As with the most premium tyre manufacturers, Radar formulates tread silica compound technology to give exquisite handling characteristics. They also use asymmetric tyre profile design to increase grip and reduce road noise. 

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