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Historically, manufacturers that last are those who provide reliable and safe tyre solutions. Riken has been in existence since 1917 when you consider this is only a decade or so after the motorcar went into production, you should see that Riken has proven ‘form’.

Since 1979 Riken has been a major tyre manufacturer and trusted brand within Europe. The factory where the tyres are produced is ISO 9001 certified and UNECE complaint. 

Riken caters for a diverse range of conditions. They offer car tyres for summer and excellent all-weather tyres. Riken also offers a dedicated ‘Allstar’ studded tyre for those looking for a dedicated winter model. 

The technology inherent within Riken’s entire range ensures a smooth and comfortable drive, great economy and reliability. Riken uses hybrid compounds to give the best traction, regardless of conditions. This, twinned with ultra-efficient contaminant shedding patterns ensure that come rain or shine, you’ll have a perfect grip for the road ahead.

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