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Opening its third plant in 2012, Roadstone is fast becoming the go-to choice for quality tyres. Producing tyres for over 100 countries Roadstone has a global reach, with manufacture and research taking place from Southeast Asia, all the way through to Europe and the US, Roadstone places great emphasis on tyre research and development. 

Using this knowledge, Roadstone produces a range of tyres perfectly suited for a multitude of conditions. Each and every tyre is subjected to a five-stage test before it leaves the plant. This encompasses tyre balance and uniformity, the tyres are also x-rayed to ensure that imperfections are minimalized.

A browse of the Roadstone range will reveal tyres that offer a long-lasting tread life with minimal wear, reduced road noise and above all an excellent grip on the road, regardless of the conditions. They offer a selection of tyres, from purpose-built, studded winter tyres, to great all-around options such as the NPriz 4s series or high performance options such as the N8000, a custom-fitted tyre to suit most budgets.   

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