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Three-A is a substantial company originating in China, they produce tyres for over 50 countries worldwide and hold numerous approvals and certifications for distribution internationally. They focus heavily on tyre research and development to produce great quality tyres at a low price.

Whilst the tyres are budget they still offer fantastic performance. The tyres in their range give the driver a quiet and comfortable ride. 

They also produce a range of winter tyres designed with a unique silica compound which offers superior handling and traction in icy conditions. Three-A places a great deal of emphasis on tyre research. Their new compounds have been reported to improve braking by up to 5%

They have a focused range, with two types of tyres; however, they opt for quality over quantity.

The P306 range is designed to produce low road noise and also features four extremely wide longitudinal grooves, specifically created to dissipate standing water and ensure strong traction to the road beneath. 

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