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A tyre never has to perform more than in wet weather conditions. Fortunately, it is this area that Uniroyal base their expertise. In the simplest terms, they make great rain tyres and have done so for 50 years. Proof of this can be seen by their possession of the coveted ‘red dot’ design award.

Uniroyal uses state of the art technology to ensure that they perform. You’ll find unique technology within their tyres. In particular, their use of shark skin technology (SST), inspired by nature. They have created a tyre pattern designed to shed water effortlessly ensuring that you are always in contact with the road.

Aside from excellent wet weather handling properties, Uniroyal seeks to provide excellent value for money. You’ll find that their tyres offer excellent durability and are hard-wearing. A tyre which keeps its shape and integrity longer leads to more fuel efficiency. 

For a good looking tyre that performs well in any conditions, Uniroyal represents an ideal choice.

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