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Westlake have 60 years of experience behind them in producing tyres for the global market. Their website boasts that they are the number one manufacturer in China, they also occupy the 10th position of 75 in the top global tyre manufacturers, with such form it is easy to see why they are a great choice.

When buying new tyres, you want safety to be a top priority. Westlake makes this the forefront of their effort. All tyres produced have been extensively researched and developed. Each tyre that comes off the line is subject to a strict quality inspection, being both x rayed and manually inspected before it is released for fitting. 

As you’d expect, Westlake produces a vast and extensive range of tyres for most situations. Taking a browse through their selection, you’ll find high-performance tyres, all-season models, not to mention purpose created winter tyres.

Expect to find features that will give you an optimum driving performance. Westlake tyres have features such as large V-shaped grooves to ensure quick drainage of road contaminant. Optimized tread patterns and outstanding road friction across the range. 

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