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Winda is a budget tyre manufacturer with a huge output. They annually produce over 15 million tyres each and every year, which are distributed globally. Winda operates strict quality control over the tyres it produces and is swiftly becoming a recognized global brand.

Even on a budget, you expect a minimum from each and every tyre. Fortunately, Winda delivers a solid performance at a reasonable rate. Of particular note is their all-season economy tyre, the Winda WP15. You’ll find good grip with excellent braking performance for a modest cost, increased fuel savings, and long life as part of the package.

The WP 16 tyre is its premium offering and promises a comfortable ride with minimal noise. The handling performance is enhanced using selected compounds perfectly designed to give and safe drive.

Winda offers a great range of tyres, including winter and all-season editions. In parallel to this, they produce tyres for a range of vehicle sizes, including 4x4 and SUV models. 

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