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The Yokohama rubber company was first established in 1917 and has since grown to be a truly global company spanning 6 continents. Originating in Japan, they are a well-known brand and feature heavily in the world of motorsport.

Whilst Yokohama’s range isn’t as extensive as some of the more budget manufacturers, this allows them to focus their efforts on a relatively small number of products to produce quality and excellence. 

Their ‘Blue Earth’ line is ideally suited for all types of cars. Offering key benefits that you would expect from such a prestigious company. Their tyres have excellent year-round performance and phenomenal grip. They are also highly durable, giving you the best possible value for money.

When it comes to driving in poor weather, you’ll be pleased with the features presented. Yokohama’s tyres feature flat and wide contours to ensure maximum surface contact, silica compounds to increase traction and ultra-efficient shaping to reduce road noise.

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