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Why choose Budget Tyres?

There are pros and cons to selecting budget tyres. The biggest positive in choosing budget tyres is the price. They are at the lower end of the price scale, and are great for cost-effective or occasional driving.

However, as premium and mid-range tyres involve more research and testing, they often wear more slowly than the budget tyres, meaning budget tyres won’t last as long on the roads compared to premium and mid- range tyres.

The key difference between budget tyres and premium tyres lies in the general performance, cost, and recognised brands as this is where premium tyres excel.

If you are looking to reduce driving costs and need new tyres, then budget tyres are for you. To start your search and comparison of budget tyre prices from as little as £35, enter your reg now.

Are budget tyres the right choice for you?

Budget tyres are the predominantly cheaper priced category of tyres on the market. Although some may think they are of low quality, they are a great way to save on price.

Budget tyres tend to wear more quickly than premium and mid-range tyres and they are better adapted to main roads and lanes. Premium and mid-range tyres are known for their efficiency on motorways and long-distance driving.

Are they good value and safe for your car?

Budget tyres are cheaper than other types of tyres. Although they may come from brands that you are not so familiar with, all tyres on Motokiki undergo rigorous tests to ensure safety for the user.

Compared to part worn tyres, budget tyres are the much safer wallet-friendly option if you are looking for cheap tyres . Part worn tyres are not always tested, come with no guarantee of quality or safety and will not last as long as new budget tyres.

Budget Tyre brands

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