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Difference between mid-range, budget and premium tyres

Budget tyres are a great option for those looking for cost savings. They tend not to last as long and are less likely to have undergone rigorous testing. Mid-range tyres are of better quality than budget tyres, offering higher quality in terms of wear and fuel efficiency, a real difference between premium and mid-range tyres is the material used. This makes them good quality yet affordable.

Premium is the highest quality type of tyres on the market at the highest price. This is due to enhanced safety and performance features as well as increased life span. These tend to be the more well-known tyre brands. They are also known to be a quieter ride than their competitors.

If you want a tyre that performs well on a budget, then mid-range tyres are for you.

What are Mid-range tyres?

Mid-range tyres are the most popular type of tyre on the market. They are manufactured by leading tyre brands, offered at slightly lower prices than Premium tyres.

What you need to know before purchasing a mid-range tyre

The choice of tyre you choose depends on your budget, driving style and requirements. Mid-range tyres come in a choice of seasonal tyres and sizes, which make them perfect for a lot of buyers in the UK.

These tyres are perfect if you’re on a budget and are looking for good quality. The higher the quality, the longer they tend to last.

Mid-Range tyre brands

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