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Why choose Premium Tyres?

When it comes to Premium tyres, you pay for what you get. If you need tyres which are reliable, can endure harsh weather conditions, they are the choice for you.

They are best suited for cars which frequently undertake long distances, as they are known to last significantly longer than budget and mid-range tyres . Choosing to use premium tyres often depends on the make and model of the car. For example, drivers of premium performance cars will often choose premium tyres .

What are Premium Tyres?

Premium tyres are recognised as the best quality tyres on the market, with the greatest durability and performance. They also tend to have a longer life span than other types of tyres. The research and testing undertaken on Premium tyres is incredibly thorough as safety and performance are key.

There are many well-known, established brand names to compare from in the Premium range via Motokiki.

What you need to consider

Premium tyres are fitted by car manufacturers when the vehicle is built. The manufacturers specify the optimal tyres for the vehicle. Look for the manufacturer approved symbol when searching.  

Premium tyre brands

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