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We offer many different types of tyres

Tyres are one of those things that are often overlooked. It’s strange that so many motorists don’t see them as a priority. The tyres are your connection to the road. Everything the car does goes through the tyres, everything. And that’s the case if your car is a Morris or a Maserati.

All Types of Tyres

  • Winter Tyres

    Do I need winter tyres?

    If you drive regularly throughout winter or live in a remote part of the country, winter tyres will offer more grip for pulling away, cornering and braking. Winter tyres work best at temperatures of 7 °C or lower, but they also keep working fine up to 20°C, so you don’t have keep swapping during autumn and spring.

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  • Summer Tyres

    Do I need summer tyres?

    Most cars are fitted with summer tyres from new and they are the usual replacement when the time comes for new tyres. In countries with reasonably mild climates such as the UK, summer tyres are ideal as they don’t often have to deal with extreme temperatures or road conditions.

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  • Budget Tyres

    Are budget tyres the right choice for you?

    Budget tyres are the predominantly cheaper priced category of tyres on the market. Although some may think they are of low quality, they are a great way to save on price.

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  • All-Season Tyres

    What are all-season tyres?

    All-season tyres do what their name suggests: they provide good traction, handling and braking all-year round. They are sometimes also known as ‘M+S’ (mud and snow) or multi-season tyres. There will be extreme conditions such as very heavy snowfall where they are not as good as a specialised tyre, but for most drivers they are a good choice.

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  • Fuel-Efficient Tyres

    How do fuel-efficient tyres work?

    Fuel-efficient tyres work by reducing rolling resistance, which means the car uses less energy to drive forward. These tyres are made from a compound that offers good grip for braking, steering and cornering but also minimises drag as it rolls along.

    Low rolling resistance is achieved by the tread pattern, weight and construction of the tyre, and the shape of the tyre that reduces aerodynamic drag. It’s also very important to keep fuel-efficient tyres accurately inflated so they work to their best all of the time.

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  • Run-Flat Tyres

    Do I need run-flat tyres?

    Run-flat tyres are ideal if you spend a lot of time driving on roads where it’s not safe to stop if you get a puncture. Motorways, dual carriageways and country roads can all be dangerous places when you’re trying to change a wheel, so run-flat tyres will get you to somewhere you can sort out the puncture that’s sheltered from traffic.

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  • Noise-Efficient Tyres

    Choosing the noise-efficient quiet tyre

    The best way to choose a noise-efficient tyre is to check the label. Every new tyre has this label and it shows noise-efficiency in two ways. The first is a decibel (dB) reading, so the lower the number the more noise-efficient the tyre is. Also displayed is a wave graphic, so tyres with a single wave are the best for noise-efficiency recording between 67- and 71dB, while those with three waves are the worst with a reading between 72- and 76db.

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  • Mid-Range Tyres

    What you need to know before purchasing a mid-range tyre

    The choice of tyre you choose depends on your budget, driving style and requirements. Mid-range tyres come in a choice of seasonal tyres and sizes, which make them perfect for a lot of buyers in the UK.

    These tyres are perfect if you’re on a budget and are looking for good quality. The higher the quality, the longer they tend to last.

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  • Premium Tyres

    What are Premium Tyres?

    Premium tyres are recognised as the best quality tyres on the market, with the greatest durability and performance. They also tend to have a longer life span than other types of tyres. The research and testing undertaken on Premium tyres is incredibly thorough as safety and performance are key.

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